Wrecking soul


Oh, shattered soul! You don’t feel the agony my heart has been suffering from the day these eyes witnessed the malice. The greed under softness of your skin was so callous that no one else passed through but this beaten heart. The arrangement of displaying bouquets of thorns kept collecting as they would drizzle the perfume around but, alas! Oh rotten soul! I smelt only of overpowering selfish desires that had no scent.

Tell me love! Where do you want to take all this? To the world of disappearance? To the land of unfurnished house where no love exists? ┬áDignity is absent there, and perhaps the jewels of conscientiousness don’t decorate anymore. Are you getting somewhere? To the palace of brotherhood? To the kingdom of honesty? Oh, deceiving fool! Wake up. Time is coming where no escape will entertain your show. The festivities of pride and honor have forgotten the steps of your home. They will not knock. Do you hear it? It is the silence my ears witness, however catastrophic it may occur to you. Isn’t it?

Oh the poisonous blood in my viens! Why are you running in me? Who gave you permission to spoil my color? It does not belong in my body. Aah, the unbearable pain of unwanted drops of this red color makes me miserable. How do you bear it? Oh merciless face!

Do you fear of ONE who is waiting to write your ending? Oh wait! You perhaps questions; is there an end? I shake hands with hate nowadays as it is my destiny to embrace my past. Should I pay gratitude to you for the ornaments you have decorated me with? Have ever of your two friends; guilt and shame met you? I once wrote down your address on the piece of black paper for them but they could not find you. Did you change your address? My share of happiness is gone. Remember! It was a gift to you from me? Did you take care of that present or tortured it? The gift of love, the present of trust are wasted away, I believe. You had a fair chance oh blood! Actually many chances that you abandoned, could have been my part of the share.

Are we the same? Am I one of you? Is it my fault? Or the one who brought me to this road? Why on earth I share my blood with you? It’s a curse and immense burden on my existence. You have become numb and I am wrecked.


A big lie


I was never loved before

Am I being loved now?

It’s a cheating or perception

Am I being fooled again?

Painful as it is so bear it

Am I being tormented?

No healing my heart witnesses

Am I being treated truly?

Anger kisses lips in vain

Am I being manipulated?

The smiled rejected it’s curve

Am I being pushed away?

sweetness mocks at me

Am I being rediculed now?

candle has short days

Am I being beaconed?


From the other end..


Knock knock, I am here

Awaiting, for that attention

Are you here? Hello!

Espying, for the glimpse

Tic toc, time slips away

Anticipating, for the moment

I can’t find you, although

Looking, for my lost soul

It will disappear, don’t blink

Reserving, for the eternity

Therefore, I am..


Stepping into mud, watch out!

No wonder, you are a troublemaker…

Trip while walking straight

I expected, you are a troublemaker…

Shine under the veil of sunlight

It was revealed, you are a troublemaker…

Look! They are laughing at you

Anyway, you are a troublemaker…

A flight is ready without wings

Who cares! You are a troublemaker…

Burning with not enough flames

No doubt, you are a troublemaker…


A butterfly..


Flying by the winds of color, heading towards the destiny, she feels the aroma of the flowers, far from the fields of meadows. Oh, here they are; red, yellow and orange. She fears no more, carrying shades of sunlight, as her heart longs for the rain. Finally, the wait seems to be over so she can kiss the palms of her lover.

Blue skies glancing from the above to embrace the green landscapes. Her curiosity wonders of the colors that may lure her interest. As many of the splendors she’s displaying on her body; a ray of affection, an essence of freedom and a chromatic art of performance. Her inquisitiveness about the miracles of universe motivate her drive to pursue the journey. Then, she pauses…wait a minute!

Why look around when I am no less than a wonder? She asks herself. I feel wind under my wings, I dance in mysterious ways, my beauty is impeccable, my heart only knows to love. Shouldn’t I be grateful enough? Rather finding pieces to the puzzle. She thinks as this miraculous world may have abundance of treasures but what about the universe that is living inside my existence?

I fly with grace….I cry in vain….I love with passion….

I am a miracle of life….a butterfly!

Only You..


Whenever I fall, You carry me in your arms..

Whenever I cry, You wipe my tears..

Whenever I raise my palms, You listen..

Whenever I shatter, You put my pieces together..

Whenever I commit a mistake, You protect me..

Whenever I collapse, You give me another chance..

Whenever I have doubts, You show me the path..

Whenever I suffer, You cheer me up..

A strength


It asks for dedication

But he doesn’t stop..

It crushes the courage

But he keeps going..

It demands perseverance

But he will not resign..

It craves the attention

But he doesn’t forget..

It throws me in twilight

And he finds the light..

It bashes my effort

And he fights back..

It drowns me under

And he swims through..

It pushes me from cliff

And he holds on tight..

It tests my patience

He achieves with confidence..

It challenges my attempt

He solves it bravely..

It makes me fearful

He feels no jitters..

It mocks at my poise

He becomes pompous..

He is my precious who fights with love and smile…..

Bond of love..


His eyes sparkle for me…Is that You shining through?

His hands melt my soul…Is that You igniting my flame?

His heartbeat says my name…Is that You calling me?

His essence nurtures my bouquet…Is that You blossoming?

His passion sings me a sonnet…Is that You entertaining?

His intimacy drowns me…Is that You diving beneath?

His love captives my existence…Is that You enfolding?

Lost paths..


I was lost once, no one found me..

Wrapped under a shell, no one saw me..

Shouting behind a wall, no one heard me..

Did you choose, not to pay attention?

I was wounded once, no one cured me..

Had a fear of losing, no one reassured me..

Celebrating in the dark, no one wished me..

Did you choose, not to pay attention?

I was drunk once, no one revived me..

Disclosed the truth, no one believed me..

Dancing under the eclipse, no one stopped me..

Did you choose, not to pay attention?



Where does it take you? To the endless path, or towards the unfinished journey? Does it charm you? Or make you fearful?

Where are you going with the pen in your hand, thoughts in your mind and burden on your shoulders?

Why the tears flow like a stream of waterfalls that immerse in your rosy cheeks? Instead of making a scar, they draw an outline of a star?

Are those eyes haunting you like a hungry lion searching for a prey?

Where is the caravan heading to? In the landscapes of shadows? To the starlight of the sky or maybe nowhere?

Do these corpses of darkness whisper in your ears to mislead you?

Who is driving your chariot? By any chance, are you in a race? If that is so; are you winning or being defeated?

What happens in the middle of creepy nights when the conscience sits outside your door and you are afraid to open?

When the sunlight smiles at earth, why you become alive again? Are you fearful to look back or just pretending?

Who feeds the hungry soul? Is that him who cooks feasts by hunting others or is it someone else that is searching to fulfill his own appetite?

What does cuckoo sing to you in the days of happiness? Do you crave for the enchanting songs again while she’s gone?

Do such incidents teach you a new lesson or perhaps there is none?

If one hand carries moon and the other possesses the sun, do you still long for stars as well?

Why your heart desires for the audience? Are you a magician? Or an actor, perhaps the attention lover?

Who are you? Are you the soul that is wrapped under flowers or the one swaddled in rags? Who do you find in the reflection of your mirror? Is it a lie?