Across the ocean, when hunger touches the lips of many and no hope knocks at the doorsteps of your house…..I call this a suffering.

An old man struggles to live through besides being aware of the time when his soulmate is waiting for him to return to her, they will become whole forever…I call this a suffering.

Looking from the half broken window, encaged unwillingly, a shattered pretty woman dying to be rescued as her savior may come for her….I call this a suffering.

When hardship closes all the doors and a family is counting on a piece of bread to be divided among five, a miracle may defeat the destiny…I call this a suffering.

After being used like a doormat, she thinks while standing at the shore to end it here as her soul was being butchered again and again….I call this a suffering.

A helpless mother looks at her Ill-child, desperately asking HIM to use the magic wand to create a prodigy while her patience is at verge of the test…I call this a suffering.

Being aparted from her love, a beating heart longs for nothing but to be kept alive in the eyes of her beloved and the pain that soul witnesses….I call this a suffering.

The stronger has the ego to swallow and claims to follow the principles to end injustice but deep inside, the layers of hypocrisies prevail to absorb the weak…I call this a suffering.

Inside a protected home, an innocent hand is furious to be molested by her very own and yet she’s being snubbed in the name of dignity….I call this a suffering.

Each sip of a wine feels like a venom when a trusting friend drinks from your lips to be intoxicated and the taste feels sweet….I call this a suffering.


Jokers & entertainers


We are nothing but murderers of our own souls. Ripping each other into pieces, we take pride in. The egos, the malice rise above to cover the frightening trembling fleshes. How ironic! The courage growls after crushing the oppressed and voiceless beings.

Where will we take this? So-called humans! It is inevitable as we shall seek for the day where caves built of mud and dirt will become our casket. We are pompous and heartless to admit to our design and HE who bestowed this upon us. Or is it the free will once has been whispered by the Master? The fate has become the daring reason and we are cowards. Of course, we are proud to crush the weak, it feeds our own self fulfilling prophecy. No doubt, a pleasure is wrapped as the token of personal assurance, at last, creates a winner.

Cut each other’s hearts into pieces so we can see our own reflection in the lake of bloodshed.

How amusing it is to be entertained by our own show!

We are spectators, we are the charade.

We are the farceur of the play.

Come! Join me to the masquerade.

It’s for fun only…..

A shining star


Shining through, a star

made it’s way to brighten

the path as she walked up

and up to spread her rays

to glorify…..she became the sky.

Today the moon dances

in her beauty and stars

applaud as she celebrates

her success…..Do you see it?

That sparkle?

The magical show of glitters?

Don’t blink, as I find it

in the heart of that

precious eye; that twinkle.

I call her: A shining star…….



No longer I live. The ashes I breathe, the air I fancy, nothing but a dead soul crawling to touch the finish-line.  As I move forward, a thin air throws me back when I am at the verge to reach my home. What have I done? Where went wrong? Is it a trap?

However, it has not started this way,  and now the finale is disastrous. The pleasantness I vouched for, was as real as I feel these eyes on my face. The beauty this heart witnessed once, the love my soul absorbed, was all magical. The feeling of temptation has no longer craving for ecstasy but suffering.  My caravan has stopped because a dust storm has covered up my sky. What should’ ve  had happened if it was all clear? Would I still have reached my home? Who would receive me at the arrival?  A face with the mask? Those unwanted hands? Deceiving eyes? Charming deceptions?

Then I ponder:

How unappreciative my lover is!  How unfortunate the destiny is!

The burden my soul is carrying of being abandoned, is tormentous.  He is selfishly impetuous, so my ignorance as well. Puppets are fearful, lovers are frail. To him, it’s a music that he plays along. For me, it’s each note I practice.

I have given my heart to the hands of carelessness. Unfortunately, yes, it is the height of my dedication, the association between a heart and a heartbeat.

Is it fake? Or real?

The madness, the obsession two spirits felt, were real. Living on the edge, I still long for that adventure. How brutal my lust is! How painful the helplessness is!

This heart is no longer anticipating for reunion.  Degrading, It is to be loved like a substance. This happens when you try to cross the borderline. Sky is the limit but Unreachable, Alas!


A Poet’s life..


He lived through her words…to be remembered by many…

She blossomed in his world…But wilted, after twilight. Alas!

Myths unfolded the chariness…

Now the candor nestles with her heart.

“How the taste feels inside? Of  being the history of my epic?” She asks.

“Are you pleased with your vanity?”

“You were being impatient”, weren’t you?

Don’t be pretentious, as more to witness.

The romance, the love, the sweetness…Oh, bleeding pen of melting candle!

Now the time has come to test the blank ink..as the pages will now drink

the  red tears each night of the celebration.

The flame will be intoxicated in agony…as the suffering will drip through

the waxy body…This is her fate, this is the life.

It was a bouquet of beautiful feelings…as he dived inside deep to

swim through the ocean…to encircle around as each wave of emotions

were being caressed by his essence.

He hasn’t left yet…a peculiar voice whispers.

Still sleeps by her bed side…It is him, a storyteller.

By whom, she listens, then hide under the cover to be manifested…

Once, he danced on her blank canvas…as now the ink fades, she becomes half..

He became real to her dream…and turned the truth into her name..

He stayed still like a tear in the eye…gushed like a storm to leave a sigh..

He invented himself through her story…then disappeared to search for

another  glory.

This is how the poetry evolves…this is how the life takes strolls..

Oh, cruel being! You didn’t appreciate her..as each drop of her blood presented him..

But he cared less to be remained in her saga..Hence, nothing left but dry pages,

wanting to be cherished more.

Aah! This is a Poet’s life…

His name..



I stare at his name to forget mine

This is how I remember myself…

I read him soft to feel my soul

This is how I embrace myself…

I kiss the letters to conquer mine

This is how I liberate myself…

I erase all marks to start new

This is how I invent myself…

A puzzle!


What love is!

It can’t be defined..

Where tears sleep!

It can’t be justified..

When life changes!

It can’t be resigned..

What heart expresses!

It can’t be denied..

How injustice prevails!

It can’t be designed..

Why hate persists!

It can’t be simplified..



It was unnecessary,

not wanting to be

cherished, not significant

enough to be called out but

she stood there waiting….

Letting go off was

convenient for him,

To be wasted away

it was a choice but

She stood there waiting….

By the rose side…

Love Light Book Flower Candle Rose Wallpaper New

Flipping through the pages

She read him; The Ocean

Attending to each word

He smiled to this notion

Diving to submerge

In the poem of devotion

Gazing to inflame spark

He kissed the emotion

Sitting across still, as

The world swirled in motion…



Do you hate me? I am the shadow of this darkness you are hiding behind. I find you everywhere but can’t find myself. Carrying another soul inside my body, I am unable to move further. You are right here, however; disguised in white.

Again, betrayed by another side of my heart. Sadly! I move from one soul to another, one station to the next, I search for sanity. Blame me of deceiving, oh teary face! Carressing my pain, Have you smelt it?

Aah! It’s excruciating to bear one’s own misery and beloved’s.

Listen, oh bleeding soul! You have witnessed the ghosts passing you by. Following you around to remind you of the sins you may have committed. The truth is being covered behind the layers and layers of lies.  My spirit has vanished, and you have evaporated into thin air.

Have you left, so you could enter my life again?  To empower me, my existence?