A void..

Into the field of dreams

Under the dusk of land

Above the head of horizon

Inside the rose petals

Over the thundering cloud

I Can not find you…….


Longing for

There is a world of

longing and wait

I am there standing

still counting so I

can see you immersing

in the moonlight rays…

I know you are there

looking for me, but

you don’t say anything

maybe you are scared

But I am not as I am

standing where you left

me under the shadow

of that dripping tree…


He left me empty

as there was no

drink in the cup 

that could quench

his thirst, not anymore…

I was once the 

nectar of his desire

A fruit, an inebriant

of his chalice but

not anymore…

Like an aged grape,

I am waiting for

that one moment

to be felt forever

in his mouth

Alas, not anymore…

My escape

I am running fast

to where?

I dont know

To escape maybe

from myself or

from them but I

am running fast

So I can hide in

the dungeons of

my own caves or

perhaps disappear

in the mounds of

those floating clouds…

She’s the sky..


She has a universe decorated

with stars, sunshine and clouds..

Stars be the glitter of her eyes

she showers on her child…

Sunshine be the warmth of

her heart, a child sleeps in…

In the bubbles of those clouds

she protects her child from the pain…

She is a mother carries sky in her soul…


A mermaid


Swimming under the golden sea

She dipped deep to touch a reality

Searched for shells hearts sensuality

Despite of being not feeling free

It was a prison not her sanctuary

Dreams be the ocean, waves fantasy

Treasure was buried without a key

She drowned in the arms of actuality.

Westside Highway


If we didn’t hang out

that night, I wouldn’t

come this far…

From this side to

the next I wouldn’t

reach to where you are…

The tunnel a ship and

the park, once passed by

to be ended in a bar…

We were pumped up

standing near the door and

our lips touched a cigar…

Then we drove in mania

so we could race the car…

Your eyes to mine were

as the spark to the stars…

The route became your

destiny and healed the

broken parts but left

these marks on my

memory just like

bruising scars…

A candlelight


Many burn by her dazzling display

doesnt matter she chooses

to keep this way..

Besides this notion, a mind

ponders anyway..

Dying under the moments

of shimmery days..

Love is enkindled

to let it stay..

While moth whirling

around her to convey..



Sometimes they tease more

sometimes less when they

touch my skin as to explore

whether I crave the touch

or to yearn for more…

Their kiss and tender

carresses tickle my toes

taste the salt to absorb

the inner core…

The lusty green and

sensuous blue suck the

pulp out of my soul…

Sunk under the skin

of sand, as they play

to divert me away

from the shore…

Drown me wrap me

in those swirls

show me the other

contours of the world

where turquoise lands

lavender sets to pour….




How could you resist

standing near shore

but not dive in the ocean…

How could you resist

not to take a sip from

the wine it is set

on your table…

How could you resist

the wind that travels

beaneath your wings

may sweep you away…

How could you resist

To meet the eye of

an enchantress and not blink..

How could you resist

staying in a magical land

without being possessed …

How could you resist

a shining star to light up

the doorsteps of your sky

while you hide in…